Calling All Moms (And Dads)!

We haven't been on summer break for a full week yet, and our summer is already jam-packed with fun. While this is awesome in a few ways, I fear a certain 11 year old boy will be wondering who sucked the fun out of life when things slow down and return to normal.

In the 6 days they've been out of school, the kids used the Slip and Slide, they've painted landscapes in watercolor (or in Micah's case, he made an abstract masterpiece), they've visited with cousins, they've played soccer, had friends over to visit, had a campout on the Back 40 (that was the teens), had out of town friends visit for a week, had backyard campfires and s'mores, made chalk murals on the patio, rented movies and had movie night (or Rainy Movie Afternoon), got ice cream at the dairy, and stayed the weekend at Grandma's.

How on earth are we going to top those 6 days of Way Too Much Awesome? And since I have no intention of trying to top that, what I'm really wondering is what to tell the kids when they ask what we're going to do now. For the 78th time in 30 minutes. And by "kids," I really mean a certain 11 year old boy who is too old now to just enjoy a full day ahead of him without expecting some kind of action, and too young to run with the teens who come and go (seemingly all day) with friends. It's going to be an interesting summer, trying to entertain that one.

So here's the thing. While I'm generally pretty good at coming up with free entertainment, your input would be so much appreciated. What are your favorite summertime activities with the kiddos?

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Mellissa Rose said...

The magazine Family Fun has a ton of summer-time ideas. I think most libraries have copies. If not, the cost is like $5 for a year through cheap magazine websites.