He's Definitely A Little Rascal

One of Micah's favorite new movies is The Little Rascals. It's a good choice. Of course, 99% of the videos we have here I approve of. The other 1% were given to us, and while they're not bad movies in the language and inappropriate content departments, they're not my favorites in the OH MY WORD IF I HAVE TO LISTEN TO THAT ONE MORE SECOND I'M GOING TO GO INSANE kind of way.

And then there's Babe, Pig In The City. That was one of the only few movies that we actually just threw away. I didn't even want to  inflict that on someone else because I don't believe in cruel torture.

But The Little Rascals is not only harmless, it's fun. Movies that entertain adults as well as kids are winners in my book. But I'm beginning to have issues with this beloved childhood classic. Micah imitates things from movies. It's what he does. He'll pick up sounds that he can make (since he can't say words), and act things out that amuse him. This is really cute most of the time.

Micah is fascinated with wiggling his ears, because ears are wiggled in his new fave film. The funny part is that ears do not just wiggle. Micah wags his jaw back and forth, and we kinda sorta love that. He'll crank his ears, too, and that's just as cute. It's when he gives the super secret signal to enter the clubhouse that things turn not so fun. Have you seen it? To gain access to the He Man Woman Haters Club, you put your and under your chin and wiggle your fingers around. Micah loves this, and does it all the time. In public. To random people like cashiers and waitresses and teachers. The problem is that it's also the ASL sign for "pig." So the boy is walking around telling people they're pigs.

We vascillate between pretending that nobody knows that it's the sign for "pig," and saying, "oooh, the Little Rascals secret sign! Good one," loudly to anyone who cares to listen. Sometimes, TV is not a good thing for the boy to mimic.

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