Announcing the Growth of a Hobby

Necessity is the mother of invention. It really is true. But I think desperation is the father of motivation. I'm a procrastinator, so when deadlines loom, scaring me more than The Grim Reaper ever could, I'll buckle down and get things done in 2 hours that normally takes 2 weeks to complete. I'd call it a gift, but who would really consider procrastination a positive thing?

But sometimes desperation motivates me even when procrastination isn't involved. Like this whole job search thing. While I don't necessarily need a job in the very immediate future, I have been rather desperate in finding the perfect fit for our family. I've been a stay-at-home-mom for 17 years, and I kinda planned on being one until I worked myself out of a job. In that vein, I'm desperate to find the position that will pay me to be at home with my kids as much as I need to. And while I think I may have found the job that I need, I have also decided that it's time to let my hobbies grow wings and fly. I've been sewing (happily!) for 6 years now (has it really been that long?) and am thrilled that my hobby has taken off and been welcomed with open arms out in the world. (My babies. They're growing up.)

But it occurred to me that my other passion has not had a chance to grow up. I've been taking pictures longer than I've been sewing, and yet have done nothing to allow that hobby to mature. I have remedied that, because desperation has motivated me. I have finally added the title of "photographer" to my resume. You can find me on Facebook as Karen Dibert Photography.

I love kids, and I love families, and I love photography, so it made sense to combine them all into something that I could love even more. But I had an epiphany one night while in my desperate state of mind and realized that I love pets, too. Pet photography is something that I am looking forward to immensely. Pets and kids together? That would be even better. There's nothing more fun than a litter of puppies, a toddler, and a camera. I speak from experience.

So if you're local, I have got the best deal ever for you. As a special introductory grand-opening kick start, I am excited to offer 30 minute photo sessions for just $50. The Great Date is Saturday, September 1 at Somerset Lake. I will focus on you and your family for 30 minutes, and you will get a disc of all the photos from the session to keep. If you've been putting off family pictures for a while, or have a new addition to the family, or want to capture your kids at this stage before they grow (again), feel free to contact me at I look forward to shooting wonderful families! (Ha! I'm going to love saying that.)

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LEsherick said...

Good Luck with the photography, yes pet photography is something great isn't it. I wanted to invite you to come to one of the Laurel Highlands Photography Club, we always meet the third Tuesday of every month starting this September so I know your busy but If you want to meet a lot of great photographers from the area and attend a informative but fun meeting its only 2 hours out of the day, 1 day out of the month, you can visit 2 times before they ask you to become a member and then its only $20 a year. So the next meeting is Sept 18 at 7 pm. I hope you can make it and visit once or twice before you decide yes or no.