The Ending E Makes A Huge Difference

I was on the school's website, checking out the upcoming year's calendar, when I spotted the equivalent of a 'Help Wanted' tab. Being as how I want to help someone, for pay, I clicked that tab. I'm glad I did. The position of Substitute Aide sounds like one that I would enjoy doing, and as a bonus, I would get a paycheck for doing it.

Because I believe in sharing real life with my kids, I told them about the position that I would be applying for. Luke was absolutely thrilled. He's the strange kind of 6th grader that loves the very thought of his mom hanging out at his school. But he did have a question about what a substitute aide was.

"An aide is a helper, whether just a classroom helper or a personal student's helper. Micah's class has aides."

"Micah's class has AIDS?!" 

"Uh, no. Not that kind."

"Oh. I was gonna say. I wondered why all his classmates had it."

We have been laughing about that for a while now.

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