Dog Lovers Holiday Gift Guide, 2013

It's the time of year when you need to start thinking about holiday gifts. I know we're all making lists and checking them twice, but I want to make sure we include the four legged kiddos on the list. Most of us do, of course. So here is the official Rocking Pony Dog and Dog Lovers Gift Guide, 2013.


We'll start with the dogs first. And food always tops the list. Who doesn't love a treat at the holidays? Jones Natural Chews are top of my list for dog treats. The fact that they're all natural is a huge win in my book, and the lack of rawhide is also epic. A lot of dogs have problems with rawhide, and the french people I live with are notorious for that. My dogs choose Jones Natural Chews paws down over anything Walmart sells. I know. I've done the test. This will probably be in a few stockings next month:


Clothing always makes a must-have list for anyone, and dogs are no exception. Getting dressed up for the holidays is a must, and these collars are the cutest from With You Collars on Etsy. They're adjustable, come in fun colors and designs, and look great on just about any dog.


And since we're in need of new and fun dog dishes here, I figured I'd share what I'm dreaming of. Okay, not exactly fun in the dog bowl category, but the holder for it sure is. Now all I need to do is find an old wooden box somewhere that I can flip over and cut holes in. I especially love this since the dogs will have a harder time shoving it all over the floor. And maybe - just maybe - they'll spill less water, too.


And since we're going all DIY here, I may even attempt this one. Our dogs have never actually slept on beds much until we got the french people. Now that we have dogs that actually use dog beds, this would be far too cute to have in a corner of the living room. I just need to find a suitcase now. It seems our dog list is now turning into an antique shopping expedition. And I'm down with that, too.

If you'd prefer to buy one, you can get them on Etsy. Queen Tuna Fish Designs has some really fun ones, and this is one of my favorites:


Because I have completely fallen in love with New England, these toys are now on my list of must-haves for the dogs. Tough chew toy for the bulldogs? Check. Floating toy for days Micah throws them in the pond? Check. Cute factor? Check. rocks the gift giving at only $20 for the adorable set. 


And moving on to the dog lover is this too-cute shirt. Yes, I love the frenchies. But who wouldn't love this guy? His glasses are hilarious. Etsy's Couth Clothing sells these in tanks, tees, long sleeved tees, scarves or sweatshirts.


Throw pillows are my newest obsession. I'm having a really hard time resisting this fun doxie pillow from Etsy's Little Laura Lou Crafts. It would look equally cute on a bed or a sofa.


These hand painted ornaments are some of the best I've seen. I am having a very hard time finding a french bulldog ornament that I love, so this would be a great way to add the dogs to my tree(s). Adelle INK (on Etsy) has skills, and can recreate your pet on an ornament, too. And as a bonus, you could keep this out all year long!

Or there's this ornament, which is equally cute. Just in a different non-personalized way. Silhouettes By Lena on Etsy features 170 pet designs so she's bound to have what you need. Like a french bulldog. Except I love the corgi one.

Because I love gardening, I can't pass this up. The rustic yard stakes of dog breeds are a fun addition to any garden, right? Rustica Ornaments on Etsy has quite a few dog breeds. The English bulldog is my favorite.


So what's on your list of must-buys for the dogs and dog lovers in your life this year? I'm always looking for fun things relating to dogs. If you have something awesome, share?

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