He Wore His Grumpy Pants

I had this weird viral thing yesterday where my eyeballs ached and the back of my head hurt, and I was cold and exhausted. The cold part is so unusual what with the hot flashes I have going on. It was actually a welcome change, even if I did have a weird viral thing. I greatly enjoyed snuggling under blankets. After a 3 hour nap and an evening of pretty much propping myself up in a sitting position, I was healed.

Micah slept in this morning, and I was afraid that he may have contracted whatever weirdness I had, so I let him stay home from school. I had no other symptoms other than headache, exhaustion and chills, so there wouldn't be much he could tell me in the way of hurting. Nor would he have made it through a school day.

I had to take a dog to the vet this morning, and get some things at Walmart. Micah wanted to be helpful at the vet, so he led Darla for me. He was on such good behavior that he made me proud. But then we went to McD for lunch (they're located inside Walmart - one less stop to make) and he started fussing.

Okay, that would be a mild word for it. Let's say he put on his Grumpy Pants this morning.

He didn't want to sit; he wanted to wait for the tray so that he could carry it.

He didn't want that chair, he wanted us to play musical chairs until we were settled just right.

He didn't want a McChicken; he wanted a burger.

He didn't want a burger; he wanted a McChicken.

He didn't want fries.

He wanted fries.

He wanted the iPad propped up on a soda bottle. It fell over.

He played musical chairs again, with much grunting and arm waving and consternation.

I know how he felt. It was just yesterday that I lived through this. You just kind of want to go to sleep and not interact with anyone. But he was forced to sit in a public restaurant instead. Becky was understandably getting frustrated with Micah, and normally I would have as well, but being freshly healed makes you sympathetic to someone who's suffering the same fate. I hugged him and kissed the top of his head and told him that I loved him today.

He asked for a sandwich, then changed his mind. He shuffled chairs. He picked up a fry and put it back down. I told him I was sorry that he didn't feel well and he could nap when we got home. This, too, made him grumble. He didn't want to nap.

The elderly couple beside us asked me if they could give him 4 quarters to play in the game room. I was a bit overwhelmed at their kindness toward Mr. Gumpy Pants, and reminded Micah to say, "thank you."

The grumping continued. I ignored it as much as possible, with reminders to myself and Becky that he really wasn't feeling well. I needed to be extra patient with him. I reminded Micah that I loved him and hugged him again.

I caught a glimpse of the couple at the table behind us. They were smiling at us in that "we completely understand" way. And that's when I had the revelation. We were most definitely THAT family in McDonald's and Walmart today. (If you see us on the People of Walmart website someday, just smile and wave and move on.) But because I chose to be patient with my son and shower him with love and understanding, others around us were sympathetic as well. On days that Micah wears his Grumpy Pants and I have zero patience, I feel like we're being watched and judged. And we probably (and rightfully) are. Kids are kids. My reaction to the situation is either going to make the situation bearable or make it far, far worse.

I hope I remember this lesson the next time Micah wears his Grumpy Pants.

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Heidi said...

:0) the other day I had a customer that was looking a bit frazled with her 3 boys. I looked at her and said I totally understand how you feel. Don't give up your doing a great job. She looked at me like how would you know.... I told her I too had 3 boys then I had 3 girls. She just smiled and walked on. It felt good to assure someone that they are doing a good job.