Solo Time

The kids at church have been working on their Christmas plays for months. The elementary age does a play, and for the first time ever the teens worked on a play as well. Every Sunday night they practiced, and added in a few random Saturdays for good measure. There were sketchy moments wondering whether or not they'd each even happen, or if anyone at all would know lines, but the day finally came to feature the end result of all the hard work.

Sunday morning the elementary kids put on their play. Micah absolutely lives for this day. He goes 364 days a year waiting to perform that 365th day. The boy is a natural performer, and shines in the spotlight. In his own way, of course. This year his play was about spies who found out about the real meaning of Christmas. The kids all wore white shirts with black ties stitched onto them, and were issued black fedoras. Micah only took his off to go to bed at night. He loved it. A lot. The boy also doubled as a shepherd, and rocked his brown striped tunic. He just loves acting. And he and all the other elementary kids did astoundingly well. They made us all proud. But then again, they always do.

Sunday evening was the teen play. They spent all day at the church, staying after morning service to set up and practice again before the big production in the evening. We got to the church that evening with Micah and sat in the front row so that I could take pictures. Micah was loving it, watching the teens act and sing. And then Josh's solo came.

Josh sat on a stool, played a guitar, and sang into a microphone.

Micah put his hands over his ears, rocked back and forth, and freaked out.

Clearly Josh needs singing lessons.

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