I Thought It Was Monday. I Was Mistaken.

It was one of those days. The head cold I'm incubating muddles my brain enough that I can't remember to medicate myself, so I walk around in a fog. I had appointments and things to do and general real life stuff, and then had to get home directly after the last appointment that went 90 minutes past its scheduled time to get dinner for a visiting girlfriend that needed to leave for cheer leading practice. It would be bad to not feed her if she came for dinner. Thankfully Becky is all about making dinner on most nights, including tonight. While I tossed the dinner rolls in the oven, Becky was busy with real dinner stuff. And then Micah let me know that he had an accident in his pants.

I marched the boy upstairs to a private bathroom, surveyed the damage, and decided that a bath was just going to be the easiest route. Things like this always happen at the best of times, don't they? We had 3 more incidents throughout the evening, exposing not one but two girlfriends (the joys of having teen boys in the house) to the fun smell of Micah's loose bowel mess. I made the choice to keep him home from school tomorrow because it promises to be another crazy busy day and I won't have time to go get him from school in the event that he sharts himself. You know this means he'll probably be fine.

Tomorrow's big day involves blood work for Josh, who will be starting hefty acne meds. When every OTC formula has been tried, it's time to call in the professionals. The professional took one look and said, "yep, he needs the big guns." Josh will need blood work before starting this to get a baseline for his thyroid levels, his cholesterol and some other things, so we're doing that in the morning. And then we're taking Jill to the vet for x-rays to determine how many puppies she'll be gracing our home with next week. Fingers crossed that the hugest dog ever has a lot of small babies that she'll be able to birth herself (hopefully) and not two very, very large ones that will definitely require surgical intervention.

And then I get to rush home to greet our new dryer that will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Our dryer has been limping on its only good leg for quite a while, but because we're super cheap and the dryer really isn't that old, we've been putting off the purchase of a new one. But even Sam said it was time. Here's the deal. The heat sensor went out. This means that it doesn't register that its getting Way Too Hot. Sometimes we have to let the door open and let the clothes cool off before we can touch them to put them in a basket or fold them. They're THAT hot. Sometimes the dryer just runs for 3 hours straight. When it runs for 3 hours straight there's the chance that it's super-heating the clothes, and we've been warned that it could combust (for real). Sometimes it's not producing any heat at all, so the clothes tumble happily while they work on air drying, so after 3 hours they're still mostly damp. There are 7 of us living here. A dryer is kind of a necessity of life. I'm ridiculously excited about replacing that heap of danger in the laundry room.

So there are a lot of bets on for tomorrow. Will Micah make a mess of things while I'm out and about in town? Will Jill have a large litter or a small one? Will the new dryer be everything we hope it will be and last longer than 2 years? Will there be a fresh 6" of snow to help out with the day tomorrow? (It's not predicted to snow, but seriously. Have you seen what this winter has done all over the nation?!)

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