Welcome to Sheetz

Micah has a love affair with Sheetz. (For those not in our area, that's a local gas station/convenience store chain.) The teens have a love for Sheetz as well, and frequently make Sheetz runs late at night for any random thing they feel they need. Sheetz is open 24/7/365. The kids wonder, rightly so, why there are locks on the doors since they're never closed. Ever. For any reason. Not even on Christmas when Walmart closes. But Sheetz does have some really good food. And occasionally some really good deals. Like now. They always feature 2 hot dogs for $1, which is a pretty sweet deal in itself if you're the hot dog eating type. But now they have a deal where you get 2 hot dogs for free if you buy 2 Pepsi drinks. (Forget that you're spending far more than that $1 that you're saving. It's the word "free" that people just love.)

So this evening after church we stopped by Sheetz on our way home because Micah asked for a hot dog and pop. Becky asked for a soda as well, and Luke is a teen boy so he's always down with food. I have a love affair with their churros, so I was game for a stop.

Micah was so super excited to be there that he got out of the van and literally jumped up onto the sidewalk. He ran into the store and headed to the touch screen computers to place his order. He's ordered enough times, with my supervision, that he's pretty confident that he knows what he's doing. This time he hovered over the board like an elementary school kid trying to shield their test paper from the prying eyes of their neighbor. I tried watching to be sure he hit all the right things and didn't accidentally, or "accidentally," order 15 hot dogs or a side of One of Everything, Please or something else that he probably shouldn't be getting. He flew through the screens and next thing I know he was hitting the Done button. His receipt printed, he grabbed it and handed it to me so that he could get a drink, and that's when I realized why he was hovering over the screen.

That stinker ordered bacon on his hot dogs, with the added price of 80 cents. Bacon nearly doubled the cost of those super cheap hot dogs. I can't blame him really. Bacon makes everything better. But sheesh. You just can't trust that kid.

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