The Trip Across Town Was Long Today

While Micah is on meds for that everlasting thrush (4.5 months and counting....), we also have him on probiotics because all those antibiotics without counteraction aren't easy on a digestive system. The problem is that I don't always remember to give the probiotics. And when I do, I'm suspecting that 4.5 months of antibiotics is just going to wreak havoc with your system. In more ways than just digestive.

This stuff has GOT to clear up soon.


Josh needed blood work done today, so I took him to the hospital for that before Micah's ENT appointment to check the status of his ear tubes. We had time between appointments for lunch and to get the few groceries that I needed, which was awesome. As we were leaving Walmart, Micah said he had to go potty. Josh took him while I loaded the van. Except Josh didn't take him because the restroom was closed for cleaning. Drat. So I told Josh, who is student driving, to stop at Starbucks. It is on the way between Walmart and the ENT's office, and they have a restroom. Double win. Go for the home run wit the fact that I had a peppermint mocha while I was there. (The first I've had in a month. That has to be some kind of a record.)

Josh took Micah to the restroom while I ordered my drink. And then Josh came out and said I needed to go help Micah. In the men's restroom.

That is never a good statement.

So I marched myself into the men's restroom to assist my son. Thank goodness it's a small place and rather deserted. And thank goodness the only man wanting to use the restroom also saw me just go in as I was talking to my son and knew to just hang out while I did what needed to be done. I tossed Micah's underwear, which didn't survive the trip across town. I cleaned him up as good as I could, pulled his pants up, and marched him into the ladies restroom so that we could finish the job and allow the patient man outside access to a restroom before he, too, lost a pair of underwear.

So that's what happened today.

And then we went to the ENT where Micah had a tympanogram before the doctor saw him. The reading in his left ear was pretty much a flat line. From 11 years of looking over the tech's shoulder and having that reading explained to me, I know that a flat line is exactly what it sounds like. Nothing. She questioned whether he only had his right tube in, and my heart sunk into my stomach, threatening to turn my bowels into what Micah's were on the trip across town. Seriously?! Two months?! His left tube just can't be out, right? Turns out it wasn't, and that reading matched the reading he had right after putting his tubes in 2 months ago. Which is all weird. But he can hear and the doctor isn't concerned, so there's that. Trusting your doc is a good thing.

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