Hot Dogs and Pop, Please

Micah has decided that hot dogs from Sheetz are far better than burgers at McDonald's. I'm not sure either qualify as actual food, but when you're a kid you kind of live for that stuff. Plus you get 2 hot dogs for $1 versus 1 McDouble for $1, so it seems like a better deal. More unhealthy food for a buck.

Okay, there's very little win in that from a parental standpoint.

So Micah was home yesterday for that most-of-the-day trip into town, so we had to eat lunch out. While we were at the hospital getting Josh's blood work done, we stopped in to visit Sam, because that's what we do when we're in town. Daddy gave Micah $1 in change so that he could buy his own hot dogs at Sheetz, because Micah proudly told daddy that he was getting hot dogs and pop there. The boy loves Sheetz, he does. And he proudly carried those coins in his pocket the whole way out of the hospital, through the parking lot, and into the van.

And then he got to Sheetz and left them in the van.

It's not like that $1 was going to make a huge difference in my bill, but I do know that Micah loves paying for his own things. It makes him feel all grown up and big boy, and we promote that as much as we can. He'd just have it for the next time, that's all.

When Micah realized that we were going to sit at the tables there and eat instead of taking our to-go food to go, he asked to go to the van for his iPad to watch a movie while eating. It's his thing. I said he could, and out he ran. And then came in and held out his fist to give me the coins he also retrieved. Or rather, the coin. He gave me a dime. So now the boy has learned the fine art of schiesting money off dad for hot dogs, then making mom pay while pocketing the money for himself.

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