The WeIrDeSt Weather Day Ever

There has been a lot of complaining about the weather this winter, from everyone everywhere. I tried to curb things on my end, but I know that I did my fair share of "seriously?" It was not a fun winter no matter where you lived. Except maybe Florida. I think Florida had a decent winter. Although I could be mistaken because I pretty much live in my bubble here and cut myself off from the outside world while happily going about my day. So Florida may or may not have had a bad winter, but it's safe to say that everyone else did. And it was just cold. Everywhere.

This post, however, isn't to complain about the weather, but rather to tell you all how bipolar this spring has been. I'm sure you're all living it, too. But there was last Friday that I am still shaking my head over. It was rather impressive.

The forecast was to be mid 50's, which is AWESOME. That means capris and slip on shoes and just a long sleeved tee. It was the busiest day of last week.  I left the house at 7:30am and didn't get back until 3:30. I spent the day seeing how many stops I could make while running out nearly a half tank of gas. Yeh, one of THOSE days. It was a bit chillier than I thought it would be considering the day's forecasted temperatures. I suck at knowing how to dress for spring weather. Layers. I have got to remember that layers are my BFF.

When I showed up at my first stop at 8:00, the day was warming a bit. I walked across the clear drive and marveled at how all the snow had melted with only a few patches here and there in the deepest shadows. Spring. It's seriously trying to make an appearance.

And then the snow started around 9:00. At first it was a few flurries here and there like you'll see in springtime. You groan a bit, know it's March and it'll go quickly, and get on with your day. But the flurries didn't stop and start and stop and start like spring flurries do. No, instead they morphed from flurry to blizzard. I am no even kidding. Twice it was a complete whiteout as we were driving. That's never fun. I was sitting in someone's driveway and couldn't see their house. THAT'S HOW HARD IT WAS SNOWING. And this continued for an hour or more. By 1:00pm there was a good 2" on the ground. See? I wasn't kidding when I said it was snowing hard.

I kept on with my day because weather doesn't deter errands. I was so engrossed in my schedule and the stops I had to squeeze in before my last deadline of picking Micah up at school that I didn't even notice the temperatures gradually getting warmer. Or rather drastically getting warmer. From that 2" of snow at 1:00 until I had to go get Micah at 3:00, we reached the promised 50 degree mark. And the snow? Gone. ALL OF IT.

That was hands down one of the weirdest weather days I've experienced in a long time. But after the long and cold winter we just had, it didn't really surprise me. My toes, however, are so ready for warm weather. They have not been warm in weeks.

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