The Blur of the Holiday Weekend

I woke up with a sinus infection last Wednesday, and being allergic to penicillin, the docs have to get creative in what they give me to kick infections. I should have known when she said, "take these for 10 days, and if you need the prescription renewed for longer just call," that I wasn't going to be feeling like a rock star any time soon. I blame the fact that I felt like poop for not exactly letting that register until 4 days later.

I try not to let sick get me down too much because reclaiming the house after the hurricane of the family sweeps through is far worse than just keeping after it while being sick, but I honestly don't remember much other than sneezing and nose blowing. And taking pills that seemed rather ineffective. And feeling like poop. I did want to make the most of the holiday weekend, however. We'd briefly talked about hosting a picnic or doing something but never made definite plans.

We ended up in the woods, because we are nature lovers. And being outdoors is awesome. I always feel a bit disgruntled on holidays when my nature space has to be shared with what seems like half the known world, but there is something about nature that fixed even the disgruntled in no time at all.

You guys, we live in such an awesome place. Everywhere you look there is natural beauty.

I did, however, have to carry a purse just to carry along tissues. Its so sad, this sinus gunk that I have.

And then since Monday was such a super gorgeous day outside, we did yard work. I planted flowers, re-did a brick wall, tilled a garden and other random stuff. I got shockingly little done between the trips inside to blow my nose. Again. OH MY GOSH. And then I got a headache that escalated into a migraine, thumping with each sound that I heard. I blamed the heat, because at the ridiculously hot temps of 76 degrees, following nothing but 50's and 60's, the body has a hard time adjusting. I was laughing at myself, and cringing for what I'd do over summer, when it finally dawned on me that I hadn't taken my pills for the day and was suffering not a heat-induced migraine but rather a sinus-induced on. That was relieving. And kind of hilarious. I blame the pain for the lack of thought, because it can't be my age, right? 

We had family over for a cookout in the evening and I took pain pills to be able to tolerate conversation without a throbbing headache. Pain pills make me drowsy. I sleep walked through a cookout. I rock the hostess thing, let me tell you. But the good news is that I'm breathing easier this evening than I have in nearly a week, and despite not getting much done today, a whole lot got accomplished. And we had some wonderful family time. That is always very good.

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Flea said...

I hope you're feeling better today. Sinus infections are misery. The neti pot, as torturous as it is, really does help.