Watching That Boy. It's Pretty Amazing.

Watching Micah develop has been interesting over the past 11 years. He's atypical, of course. In every single way. Except the few ways that he's not. It's complicated. You just have to know Micah to know whereof I speak. But the things that boy has taught us in terms of patience and acceptance and so many other things has been nothing short of amazing. And watching him develop has been.... interesting? Fantastic? Educational? All of the above, perhaps.

So we were walking in the state park over the weekend. The path wound along the creek, then crossed it and followed along on the other side of it. When there is water, Micah feels the need to throw things in it. And there were plenty of rocks along the creek bank to toss. At the bridge, Micah threw rock after rock into the water, watching the splash and the sploosh and the ripples. As we talked Micah into walking away, Sam tossed a rock into the water.

There was no way Micah was going to let that go.

He picked up a rock and tossed it. The he looked at daddy and whistled slowly, letting daddy know that he was just showed up. And of course daddy had to toss another rock into the water just to get Micah's tiny little goat. The goat was gotten. Another rock was tossed. The battle was on. At the end of the war, we talked Micah into leaving the bridge, but only because he was carrying a rock with him just in case he saw more water and could toss a rock before daddy.

Watching that boy grow a competitive spirit, after 11 years, is pretty awesome.

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