So There's That, Too

Becky complained of a sore throat on Tuesday, so I told her to take cold meds. I had that so-fun sinus infection and really, really hoped that she wasn't getting it. On Wednesday she said her throat hurt AND it hurt to talk, and cited a large lump under her jaw that screamed at me from across the room SWOLLEN LYMPH NODE, LEFT SIDE OF THE NECK!

You know, sometimes when you get what you want, you realize that you didn't really want that at all. Becky was not harboring a sinus infection. And after being tested for strep, she also doesn't have that. I'd have preferred that. Or those. Either one. Or both together! Instead, she's rocking a full blown and very classic case of mono.

Who the heck ordered that? And why did we need it? But those questions aren't going to be answered now, are they?

Becky came home and went to bed. It's almost as if hearing the diagnosis made the virus manifest itself. She was instantly exhausted beyond belief in addition to being fevered and having tonsils that, to quote the pediatrician, looked like they had been through a meat grinder. She pretty much has slept for the past 24 hours, emerging every now and again to slurp down a milkshake or something else really cold, administer Advil for pain, and Google anything mono related. And really, all that sleep is doing nothing in the way of beauty rest. She looks like she's a walking zombie. And I say that in the nicest way possible.

Here's the thing. She's a bridesmaid in a wedding in 2 weeks. In Texas. She needs to be feeling well enough to travel 3/4 of the way across the country and endure the stress of travel and wedding functions. Thankfully she's a low-stress kind of person and doesn't freak over things. The doc said the worst of it should be passed in the 2 week wait until our flight leaves, but it could drag on for 6 weeks.

The way this year has been going, I can totally see that happen. AND THAT'S NOT A CHALLENGE, UNIVERSE. DO YOU HEAR ME?! Last year was The Year of Injury. This year has gained the title of The Year of Illness. I kind of shutter to think what the rest of the year will bring, you know?

But I do have a wonderfully positive note. I have puppies. (Imagine me saying that with a goofy, ear-wide grin, because I am.) I spent seven and a half hours at the vet today waiting while my girl Darla underwent a c-section. I got a lot done in that time frame, too. I booked a vacation, sold a dog, beat a game I'd been playing for weeks, and read half a book. But I have puppies. I'm currently bottle feeding them, and that's okay as long as they all stay alive, BUT I HAVE PUPPIES.

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Sell Becky? OK, maybe not. Crap, I will be praying she is in fine shape in time for that wedding. You, have fun with those babies while you can, and give Becky a hug for me.