The King has Returned

King Louie was at the vet today for his weekly cast check-up. The cast is holding up shockingly well for the abuse it takes, but Louie has grown so much in the past week. This posed a problem in that the joint that needs the cast is nearly peeking out the top. So really, the dog is outgrowing his cast. It was determined that he'd need re-casted, of course.

I asked if they could bath him before they put the new cast on since Louie smells like unwashed teen boy armpits, which is weird because he's a dog. I suggested maybe they bath him with his old cast still on as it might keep his a bit more dry (or dryer, as I said there), and then I thought it would have been fun to do that myself. Instead I ran errands around town while Louie was at the medical spa.

Drat. I should have had his nails clipped, too. Those nails on his casted leg haven't even been accessible for 2 weeks.

After the last errand I called to see if Louie was ready to go. He was not. I said I'd be back to pick him up before church, just before they closed. Sam was kind of tired after being in town with me all afternoon and stayed home from church to rest this evening. He texted me as I was walking into the vet's office. "The KING has returned." My first thought was, "is he high on his pain meds?!" So I had to question what he meant. "Louie is home." Turns out, the vet delivered Louie on his way home since he drives right by my house. That was super appreciated, since Louie didn't have to sit in the van while we were at church then.

The dog's new cast is considerably larger than his last, because he grew that much. It's also clean, and doesn't look like it's been drug through a murder scene. Yet. But poor Louie has to learn to walk with it all over again since it throws his gait off. He's decided, mostly, that dragging it behind him is the best way to go. You guys, it looks hilarious. I have no shame. I'm laughing at the dog that I broke.

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