Summer Goals. I Know I Said I Wouldn't Set Any. But I Did.

The bedtime routine had begun. Micah started stalling over this and that, and then demanding to eat even though we'd just finished a late dinner shortly before. A drink. Pet the dogs. Find Woody. Can he help with the dishes? Fine, he was just trying to be helpful. Ooh, look, daddy is packing his lunch for the next day! Are those sandwiches mine? No? None of them? Surely daddy doesn't need that many sandwiches, right?

They're for daddy's lunch, Micah.

No. Micah's.

Nope, they're for daddy. Do you want one for school?


That's what I thought. You pack lunches for school. There is no school tomorrow. You stay home for summer. So no sandwiches. These are daddy's sandwiches. Count them.

And he did.

They're all daddy's sandwiches.

And with that I sent Micah to bed. I'm not sure why I waste my breath in explaining things to that boy. He does whatever he chooses to do.

Because it's summer and I'm all sorts of lazy, I lie in bed after I hear Micah get up. He's proven himself to be (mostly) trustworthy, so if I keep an ear open, I can get an extra few minutes of rest. He knows that letting the dogs out is a definite no. He knows that he can't fry eggs. He knows that he shouldn't use the speed dial on daddy's phone to call anyone he feels like talking to at 6:30 am. This doesn't always keep him from doing the things he shouldn't, though. He does have a mind of his own, and a strong will.

Micah got up this morning, and I lazed in bed while Sam got up and left for work. At one point I thought I heard Micah go outside so I ran down to check on him. He was eating cereal at the table. I went back upstairs and cleaned a bathroom. Louie was howling because he needed to go out, so it was definitely time to head back downstairs.

And there it was. One of daddy's sandwiches in a bowl on the table, half eaten. I'm pretty certain that it was calling his name all night, and he couldn't help himself. A text with Sam confirmed that he knew one of his sandwiches had been pilfered, and Micah seemed "somewhat remorseful." This makes me pretty certain that Micah has a problem. He has zero control in the food department. We have a goal for summer. It's going to be hard on him and me both.

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