Summer vacation has officially begun. Kind of. I mean, officially it has. It's been going on for a week now. But I wasn't here for a few days, and now the teen boys are all at camp this week, so the whole family hasn't been at home enjoying summer vacation together yet. That seems weird. And I fear it'll be the new normal, with two graduates in the house this year. Our days of being a family living in one house are numbered. This both excited me and scares me. So we just won't ever talk about that.

I have no plans for this summer. Usually I do. I have a long list of plans. And lately, those plans never seem to materialize. That's why I've not made any plans this summer. Why frustrate myself? Why remind myself that I'm not the Pinterest mom we all wish we were? Why not just continue going with the flow rather than trying to check things off a list? (Even if that list is great, by the way.)

So this summer, I plan to just hang.  Get projects done around the house like always, and occasionally go and do with the kids. Like this week with the boys at camp, and just having Becky and Micah at home with me. Sam worked the evening shift yesterday and Micah napped in the afternoon (hello, miserable summer cold that's taxing that boy's reserves) so I knew he wouldn't go to bed any too early. At 9PM he asked for a hot dog and pop, so we went on a Sheetz run. After I gave him a bath. Because if summer has one hard and fast ritual, it's frequent showers. Egads that boy sweats. And his sweat attracts dirt. A lot of dirt.

Today Micah went with Daddy to get gas for the backhoe. He came back with a red popsicle. And he was proud of it. Awesome summertime fun right there. And since he didn't have a shower before going to the gas station (because I have a life, and so does Micah) he got wiped down when he came back.

You know you're doing summer right when you rock this kind of dirt. And popsicle stained lips.


Jennifer said...

Then my kids must do summer right all year round. They rock that much dirt every day, LOL

Karen Deborah said...

love this post. I have a feeling your going to have a fabulous summer. Because staying at home summers with free play for kids and puppies to cuddle are the very best kind!!
I used to not make plans because there was no money for trips. We had the best times together though and it was relaxing. In hindsight it was a huge blessing.