Pirate Treasures Await!

I am always looking for fun things to do with the kids. It helps keep boredom at bay, although you're never allowed to say you're bored here or chores get doled out to help you learn to entertain yourself. (I have to maintain that Meanest Mom status somehow, right?)

There is so much to see and do here. State parks abound, filled with all sorts of amazing, natural wonders. Hiking trails, biking trails, waterfalls, lakes - you know, all the stuff our family loves to do because it's here and it's cheap and it's fabulous. But sometimes we want other things to do, too.

We have an amusement park that's fairly close by, rated just for kids, and it also boasts a fun water park. There are the ski resorts that offer activities year-round such as snow tubing, zip lining, swimming, shooting, bungee, boating and so much more. We have a bowling alley in town, and movie theaters elsewhere. But these things are extras on the budget so they're very limited on the activity list.

Still, we look for fun things to do everywhere we go, because you never know what you'll find to do if you don't look. So when I was at Target and overheard two men talking in the next aisle about a scavenger hunt, and how you even had to dig in the sand for a treasure map, I knew that would be something I'd definitely want more information on. I eavesdropped on their conversation from behind the linens, hoping to catch where this fun kid-adventure awaited. Micah would love this so much! They discussed how they had to climb over things, and navigate around that, and I was thinking what fun dads they were to take their kids to such an adventure park and then talk so animatedly about it at Target together.

And that's about the time I realized they were talking about a video game.

My kids will not be participating in that super-fun adventure this summer. Sadly.

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Flea said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my. That's so sad.