So That Was Our Weekend

There was that one Christmas I decided to take the family to see the Christmas lights that are a large attraction in the next county over, and then put off the trip until the Saturday before Christmas. That was not a smart move on my part. That ranked right up there in the Great Idea department with the year I decided to visit the Baltimore Aquarium on Mother's Day.

We packed the family into two vehicles, because we also asked grandparents and boyfriends and girlfriends to go with us, and we drove an hour to the fair grounds. The light show is put up there, and it's set way back in a field. The driveway to the shindig winds back and forth and back and forth through the field, just for occasions like this. I'll bet, with all the snaking, that entire driveway is about a quarter mile long from the road to the entrance, and it was backed up all the way to the road. We chose to just keep driving right on by and not turn in, because we don't have that kind of patience nor do we like those kind of crowds. We are lame that way. We just kept driving until we got to Chick Fil A, and treated ourselves to ice cream instead, because that's a stellar replacement for seeing holiday lights.

However, as we were on our way to ... get ice cream... Micah got mad at Luke for trying to watch the movie he had playing on his iPad. To keep his frenemy from sharing a movie peek, Micah tilted his head back and held his iPad over his face. I'm not sure why he thought this was a good solution, but that's what he did. And then he accidentally dropped it on his face, busting his lip open. You know mouths bleed a lot, right? Because they do. A lot.

My bling this holiday season is my brand new, shiny Mom Of The Year Award for laughing at my son for dropping his iPad on his face. If you're going to be greedy, you deserve bad things to happen to you. I doubt he learned his lesson, but I found it highly amusing nonetheless.

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