I Choose To See The Humor

Micah has a pair of totally adorable glasses that he only wears at school. We're okay with this. I have a pair that I only wear on occasion, too. It seems our eyes aren't bad enough to justify wearing glasses all the time, but it does make things easier to read when we do have our glasses on. We make him wear them at school so that he doesn't have any excuses about learning. That boy will use any excuse that he can find. Sometimes, he'll spend time just looking for an excuse, because it gets him out of work while he's looking.

Micah was in library the other day. His aide turned around for a minute to help another student, and when she turned back, she found Micah utilizing a wonderful excuse for getting out of work. He had a crayon in each hand and was coloring on the lenses of his glasses. While he was wearing them.

His aide told me this the next day as I walked into the school. She seemed pretty exasperated over the incident. I laughed.  A lot. And told her that sometimes you just laugh because things are funny, no matter how else you feel, because Micah will try your patience like no other kid knows how.  Laughing simply helps with the frustration on occasion.

But really, who wouldn't laugh at the sight of a kid coloring circles on the glasses they're wearing?

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Rachel said...

I love it :). He has the best spirit, and so do you xoxo