That Question Is Finally Answered

Micah has been watching all sorts of things on You Tube lately. So far all good things, thank goodness, because kids and You Tube sometimes should not ever cross paths. He was watching a high school play of Frozen, spoken in Italian. That was a several-weeks-long marathon event of fun for nobody but Micah. At least it wasn't German. Nobody was yelling in harsh words. Italian is a pretty language, even if I understood none of it.

Micah discovered more Disney plays on You Tube this week. (On the days that he had his iPad for good behavior in school.) He now is watching Shrek and Toy Story. Shrek is actually a throw-back. That was the original You Tube play he found. The actors voices are pretty spot-on with the Disney version, but the tone and inflection is very off. There's a lot of sarcasm inserted in the lines. It's kind of hilarious, really. The Toy Story version is kind of the same, except the actors don't have the characters voices copied well. You have to listen closely to what is being said to figure out who is talking, if you're across the room and not actually watching the video.

Micah has been watching a lot of the Toy Story play lately. As with any movie, once he watches something for a while, he turns it off, gathers his toys, and then acts it out. Yesterday, he emptied Luke's  school bag, stuffed all the Toy Story toys into it, donned a beanie cap, and headed outside to enjoy the warm weather before today's snow came.

I watched him play for a while, putting toys in random places in the garden shed, coming out to play in the yard, interacting with Buzz and Woody, and then it hit me. Micah was playing Sid. He thinks Sid is a role model, and was playing that part in the drama while Buzz and Woody tried to thwart his plan of destroying toys. This would explain a lot, like why Micah laughs maniacally when he kicks Woody down the stairs or tosses him into a ceiling fan. This would explain why he gravitates to Headless Woody or sometimes looks for one-legged Woody at the bottom of the toy bin.

I have always said I'm not sure if we're Sid's house or Andy's house here. There is no doubt that Micah loves his Toy Story gang, but the abuse he dishes out on them is kind of harsh at times. In all fairness to the boy, I guess Andy isn't featured that much in the movie. Right?

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