My Lunch Date

The weather today was phenomenal. It was definitely worth writing about.

Mondays are the day that I take a long lunch break to run home and get some work done. I just keep getting further and further behind on All The Things. Just when I think I'm getting caught up, I remember those other half dozen things that I'd previously forgotten, or my phone announces another Etsy sale with the CHA-CHING of a cash register tallying the bill, and I have to add something else to the growing list of Things That Need To Be Done.

I love that sound, by the way. I'm not complaining about it at all. In fact, today's sales paid a bill, and that's pretty astounding in and of itself.

I need that long lunch break, is what I'm saying. And today was no exception with the work load, except that I didn't go home. Sam had the day off, so he picked me up on his motorcycle and we drove all over town hanging flyers for the upcoming craft festival at our church.

Yeh, that's also on my list of Things That Need Done. I'm the one responsible for having a craft show in the first place, and have been working on all the behind-the-scenes stuff for that since January. It's getting down to crunch time, and advertising needs to take place. Yesterday. So we took advantage of today's gorgeous weather and biked all over the town, hanging flyers on this bulletin board and that. And I'm not even half done, but simply ran out of time. There are also yard signs to stake around the county, but that'll be tomorrow's chore. And I need to delegate some of this stuff.

The biking, however, was glorious. Biking in April is not normal here in the cold North, and it was so ridiculously warm that I didn't even need a jacket. I very much enjoyed that warm and sunny lunch date with my husband. Then after dinner this evening, we took the bike into town for some groceries and banking. Turns out, we bought far more than we'd planned, and were grateful that Josh was also in town, just getting off work, so that he could take our groceries home. Carrying that ginormous 24-pack of toilet paper on the bike would have been awkward at best.

May the rest of the summer be bike riding weather, too, because we've got a lot of day trips planned.

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