The River of Life Rages Happily On

This candle business has been phenomenally blessed. I know I've said that before, but it bears repeating. God is so good to us all the time, but this year has been so very different. We're learning to trust Him for All The Things, and it's quite an adventure. I thought I knew what trust meant in the past, but clearly I had that confused with I'm going to say I trust that God has this, when in reality I'm going to do all in my power to take care of it myself while also trying not to stress over it. That was exhausting. This new thing is much more relaxed. I like it. A lot. And God blesses the teeny tiny little bit of faith that I have in such abundant ways.

I can't wait to see what the year brings.

Today I sold 3 dozen candles to a store in one of our favorite places to visit here in the Laurel Highlands. While that is all kinds of exciting in and of itself, it gets even better. While I was there delivering the candles and kicking myself for forgetting the signage that I should have brought along with them, the store owner asked if I could bring dog collars and toys next time I'm there because she wants to carry those as well. How exciting is that?!

So that's the newest fun, besides the fact that I'm geeking out over some new fragrances coming this week because I've turned into a candle nerd.

While we were at our favorite place, and had some time to kill on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon, we walked to the river to enjoy the rest of the day. The place was crazy crowded, because everyone, apparently, suffered cabin fever this winter and couldn't wait to get out. The river was raging like it was showing off for the tourists, and quite frankly, it scared me. Anyone stepping foot in that river today would be washed over the falls in a matter of 2 seconds, and that would still apply if there were upstream from the falls a few hundred feet. Did I mention that it was raging? It was impressive. I kept a close eye on Micah, because sometimes that boy takes weird notions, and if Woody would be tossed into the drink, we'd be up the creek. (Ha! I'm so punny!)

Spoiler alert: Nobody fell into the river, nor was anyone pushed. THANK GOODNESS.

So now that I'm in a business deal with a store at one of our favorite places, that means I have a perfect excuse to visit there all summer, and it's a mileage write-off for taxes. This is such a win all around!

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