Hello, Spring

There's nothing quite like time spent in nature to help you unwind. The good news is that I got to do just that yesterday. The bad news is that I timed it so badly that I only had 20 minutes to enjoy All The Spring Things.

Like a lake that's thawed. After a cold, cold winter, this is a welcome sight.

And while the rest of the world is abloom with color and buds, our chilly neck of the woods is just warming up to the idea of spring. In another week, things will be simply gorgeous.

We are sticklers for observing rules, when they're posted.

But if there are no rules available, we assume that off-trailing is to be expected. Exploring nature is the fun of being in nature.

We grilled, and had dinner on the patio this evening, because the weather is simply unbeatable. At 80 degrees, it's like a summer day out there, and I wanted to soak up as much of it as I could. Summer will be so welcomed this year. But then again, it always is by our family.

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