Is It Summer Yet?

In the spirit of National Skip School Day, the boys stayed home with me.  Or, to translate, I let them play hookey. Kinda sorta. Ish.

Luke has been suffering with a severe head cold the last few days, and to compound his problems, we are out of cold meds. Of course. Poor kiddo. Thursday was the last day of the PSSA tests (state mandated testing) so he asked if he could stay home on Friday if he felt really, really awful in the morning. This is the kid who generally is all, "No, I'm good to go. I hate to miss school because then I'll just have work to make up." So if he's asking to stay home, his level of suffering is pretty high.

Micah, on the other hand, was home out of pure laziness on my part. We don't like to let him ride the bus by himself, so without Luke there, I'd have to run him to school and pick him up. I was all prepared to run him to school (I was dressed and everything!) but then he asked to stay home, so I let him. I had to set up for a craft festival this evening, and picking Micah up from school was right around the time I should have been at the venue, so I figured it would be easier all around. Plus there's that thing where Micah willingly went to bed last night, an hour earlier than usual, and slept in past the time the bus came. Clearly, he's still recovering from surgery. He has never taken so long to catch up and heal, and I'm fairly certain that this surgery, while slightly more extensive than ear tubes (which are barely considered surgery at all), I'd think it wouldn't be quite as much recovery and healing as having one's tonsils and adenoids removed. I could be wrong. Or perhaps the boy is finally catching up on sleep from the past 12 years of his life. Or maybe he's becoming a teenager and has decided that sleep is a good thing. Who even knows. But he was home from school.

So what does one do with boys who are home from school? Leave them to their own devices while I work, of course, because they have vivid imaginations and can entertain themselves far better than I could. Micah was watching a super hero movie, and paused it at a key scene so that he could paint his shield to match Captain America's. He did a fabulous job, too, and then dumped all his extra paints in the sink, on top of the dirty dishes that I hadn't loaded into the dishwasher yet. Perhaps a bit more supervision on my part would have been good.

Luke was in the crafty mood as well. He likes to make paper art projects, and added a few more to his collection. I have a biased opinion, but I just love those things.

While I was making candles in the basement, Micah came to join me. Margo and Louie are always in the basement when I'm there, so it was nice family bonding time. I just love that Margo loves Micah so very much. That dog is a definite keeper. Micah had his arm around her just before the photo was taken, so the feeling is mutual.

I think I've reached that point in the school year when I'm ready for school to be over. I love having my kids home with me all day. And I'm definitely ready for summer.

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