So How Was Your Friday?

In an ongoing effort to entertain Micah while Josh and Luke were at camp and Quincey was dog sitting elsewhere for the week, Sam and I took Micah to the cabin. He's been asking to go tot he cabin. He loves that place.

But apparently only with his brothers.

Micah wasn't happy at the cabin. And that whole thing where he's now afraid of heights kicked in. The loft was off limits to him. The fear of heights is not fun at all, for us or for poor Micah.

He did like the place daddy found to take him while mama grocery shopped. The place daddy found had a lot of kids' play equipment set up for display in the hopes that someone would purchase one. When I stopped over to pick up my boys, there was so much fun there that I took a tour, and pictures. And Sam went into the office to get a brochure and ask questions. Turns out, we discovered a gold mine. 

All this time, so close to the cabin, was a super awesome place that makes landscapes look gorgeous. The things they made there as display made our landscapey DIY hearts go all a-flutter. The stone and pavers and fire pits and water features were all just drool worthy. It was probably a very good thing that it was raining very hard and we couldn't walk around with our wallets right out there on our sleeve waiting to be noticed. I did, however, discover the pond fish, far larger than the tiny goldfish that I have, and not a whole lot more expensive.


So I bought some.

And then I realized that fish need things like oxygen to stay alive, and I had to keep them alive overnight until I got home. That's how we ended up with fish in a 5-gallon bucket with the wire door of Louie's crate over the top of it sitting in the bathtub, with a slow drip of the faucet running into it. It makes for a really great improvised pump system to oxygenate water. Oh, why the grate over the bucket? Because two happy fish decided to jump out. 

This means that Louie didn't sleep in his crate. This is the second time in his entire life he didn't sleep in his crate at night. The only other time he didn't sleep in his crate was at BlogPaws, when he slept in my bed. He did not sleep in my bed at the cabin, because a double bed with 2 adults is crowded enough without a dog who doesn't know personal space issues invading it. This means that Louie slept on the floor beside me, but I use sleep as a loose term, because he had to keep checking on me every hour by jumping up to lick me. I didn't sleep that well.

I did sleep far better than Sam did, however. Micah's fear of heights, coupled with his fear of sleeping alone, had him sleeping on the couch. And I use sleeping as a loose term, again, because Micah was up at some odd hour of the night when I was just too tired to even look at a clock, and Sam ended up going to sit in the recliner beside the couch until Micah fell asleep, and then he fell asleep, too. Recliner sleeping isn't the very best sleeping ever. I think Micah slept the best that night. Or maybe the fish. 

Do fish sleep?

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