Why I Love All Natural Cleaning Products

I absolutely adore PL360Pet. This is a line of products that are all natural. Most of their products are in the cleaning line, which is pretty much why Louie isn't as big a fan as I am.

PL360Pet's tagline is "Caring For The Pets You Love. Naturally." I love this. In recent years I have become more and more crunchy in my approach to life. If I can do something naturally, I will. Natural cleaners, however, are not something you can really find in abundance on retail shelves.

I raised puppies here for 15 years. While I absolutely love puppies, my kids do not so much. I've broken them. They are very over the smell that puppies create when an entire litter are living in your kitchen. Waking up in the morning to find an overnight's accumulation of puppy doo is really not the best way to start a day. Before breakfast or getting kids off to school, or even showering, I clean the puppy pen. I transfer puppies to a box, roll up the soiled newspapers in their pen, and spray everything down with chemical cleaners to kill germs, eliminate smells and keep things healthy.

And then I wait until the horrific smells of the chemical cleaner goes away so that the puppies don't get tiny headaches or wee buzzes, and pray as I put them back in their pen that they don't lick something and get ill.

Note: We've never actually  had a puppy suffer side effects from chemical cleaners.

So now that you've got a background of what I do at home, you can understand my elation over finding all natural, pet-safe cleaners. While you may not raise puppies in your kitchen, you do have messes at home. (I know this because we all live a real life, not because I'm judging your home.) Who doesn't want a product that is safe around small children or pets? With PL360, you don't have to worry about what you're adding to your home that shouldn't be there. There is nothing harsh or harmful in their products; in fact, they're soy based. And yet, they clean very well.

PL360 sent us a box of products to test, and we've taken quite a while to test them extensively before we gave this review. I want honesty in all things, and how products work over the long run. I'm just as impressed with the natural cleaners now as I was the day we opened that fabulous box that arrived in our mail. Every time I clean up a mess, I feel as though I should do a mini commercial about the cleaning products.

A dog peed on the floor? Break out the Multi Surface Cleaner and get that sanitized!

The dog crates need wiped down? Multi Surface Cleaner will clean that safely and naturally!


Louie's paws are muddy after a hike at the state park? Grooming Wipes, tucked into the glove box of the car, will keep those paws from soiling the car seat on the way home.

Missed a spot of mud? Those same Grooming Wipes will clean the car seat, too.

My love for the PL360 products runs deep, guys. It's not just the healthy that makes me love them, either. It's the fact that they clean well, too. This is a quality product, to be sure. In addition to the pet line and the household cleaner line, they also have natural supplements to help support your dog's health and wellness.

PL360 and I have teamed up to give you free, all natural cleaning products as well. I know you'll be just as excited about cleaning naturally as I am! Please leave a comment here to be entered to win. As a bonus, I've included a few more ways to enter. See below for details.

In the meantime, you'll want your won PL360 products. You can find these at your local, independent pet stores and online at HealthyPets.com, Wag.com or Amazon.com

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