The MIAness Explained. Mostly.

I've been all sorts of MIA here lately. I've said so many times in the past 8 months, and it continues to hold true, but this year has been crazy interesting to watch unfold. There are so many changes in our lives, and each one comes with a whole "huh, interesting" factor. The candle business we started in January spurred a series of craft festivals for the year, with nearly every weekend booked from June to December. I've not hated it. and it has opened new opportunities in the "huh, that's interesting" category as well.

Midsummer, the nephew decided to go to college this fall, and I talked about how we dropped him off a few weeks ago on a weekend trip to Missouri. I have learned so much already, such as how much parents learn when they have kids in school far away. It's a growing experience for all involved. The kids are all getting older, and the hole in our family that Q left is not sad, but noticed nonetheless.

After 9 years of making shirts for kids, I have made the decision to close The Rocking Pony on Etsy. I'm not sure whether my focus shifted so much that it was evident in the store, or if that style of shirt isn't as trendy anymore, but I do know that the dog collars I'm making on Etsy have been phenomenally received. I spend hours in the sewing room, and love every minute of it.

But because that's not enough, with festivals every weekend and Etsy orders to constantly fill, I started a new job. This one is outside the home. It just kind of happened, because this is definitely the year of "huh, that's interesting." One morning I woke up, scrolled through a jobs available posting (which I never do EVER) and ended up employed. Kind of just like that. I will be working with adults with developmental delays a few days weekly, which still leaves me with a few days to get collars made. I was in training for a few weeks, and will start actual work after vacation.

And there's that, too. Vacation. In two days, Sam and I are headed to Europe for 3 weeks. The MIA will continue, I'm afraid. We're anticipating no WiFi, and if I do gain it at some point (which I'm sure I will) I'm not sure updating anything is going to be top priority. This year has also been the year that I've learned to utilize every single minute of every single day. I almost feel guilty if I take time to just sit and watch the kittens play with each other for a few minutes. It's good for productivity but it can't be that healthy for the soul. I have even learned to love being this busy, and look forward to each day and the crazy that it brings. Life is good. I have no complaints. I'm incredibly happy.

I have worked extra hard the past few weeks to set things up so that I have absolutely no work to do while on vacation. Nothing. At all. I plan to unplug and relax. I'm hoping I figure out how to do that before we get home. The Swiss Alps and the Amalfi Coast are bound to be helpful in teaching me this new concept, right?

Stay tuned for pictures. Relaxing ones.

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