"Good Morning" Must Be A Fairy Tale

I was a morning person until I had kids. There's something about not awakening under your own powers that is all kinds of wrong.

This morning was one of those particular days when I just wanted to go back to bed. Micah joined us a half hour before the alarm went off and used my belly as a bouncing board while he told elaborate stories with his hands. While this is pleasant in so many ways, at 6:30 in the morning I am incapable of appreciating it to it's fullest.

I'm actually pretty sure that was this morning. The day was so long that I can't be completely sure. And I'm not even kidding.

So once the morning got under way and the kids were nearly ready for school, I sat down at the computer to check email. At this point our nephew came in with a letter that was dropped from the mail yesterday and got rained on overnight in the driveway. It was a reminder for me to be in attendance at a meeting on Monday at my house. That's the government for you.

As I was trying to peel the wet envelope from the wet letter to see exactly what was so important from a government office, Josh said "one of the dogs pooped on the floor."

Of course it did. Because it's one of those mornings.

So I put the letter down and cleaned up the crap. Only it wasn't just doggie doo, it was more like blood with a little poo in it. This is not good. Not good at all. And as I was walking toward the trash I saw more blood spots here and there on the floor. Very large drops of it.

Commence tracking down the 5 house dogs and checking butts. I was hoping that maybe one of the girls were in heat that we didn't know about but this in itself would have been weird as they're either nursing or pregnant. Except Tinker the Boston. It wasn't her; it was, in fact, the corgi pup that managed to miraculously live two weekends ago.

After getting the kids on the bus, I called the vet and requested an appointment. Today. And of course I couldn't get in until this afternoon. But this gave me time to think, and observe. The puppy was eating, running, playing, and acting normally. AND he pooped quite normally the rest of the day. Huh, so he's not really sick. But one doesn't bleed that much when you poo for no reason so we headed to the vet at the appointed time.

After a check for worms (that was free and clear), a palpation of the abdomen and a check of the vital signs, it was determined that he suffered from indiscretionary ingestion.

The dumb dog ate something that made him sick.

He's on antibiotics just because they're a good thing to send home with a dog owner when nobody really knows what the heck is going on. If it happens again I'm to keep the bloody mess and take it and the dog back to the vet for a further head scratching session.

And while I was there waiting for test results to come back I made small talk with the people around me. Turns out one of them was looking for a male corgi. They may or may not be calling next week when she gets paid. That could very well be worth the vet bill that I incurred today for a dog that ate something it shouldn't have.

I got home from the vet and commenced to making supper, but midway through Micah tossed his cookies all over the living room floor. Well, not cookies so much as hot dogs and peaches. It was not pleasant. Neither was the smell.

I'm hoping that since he's barfed three times already that he'll decide he's done and sleep peacefully through the night. I'm also hoping that the queasy feeling in my stomach is the drainage from my cold.

I may or may not be delusional in my expectations.


Michelle said...

If you lived closer, I'd give you a diagnosis of what's running rampant in our daycares but I think you're safely far enough away. Unless germs travel through computers nowadays...

What a lovely day you had. The good news is that tomorrow HAS to be better! And I'm definitely glad the pup turned out to not have anything dire. That has to be a small relief!

Fingers crossed that the house is quiet tonight!

Pam said...

Oh goodness Karen! You had quite a day. Here is hoping tomorrow is muc better and not a repeat of today.

Kidzmama said...

Ugh. You and me both. What a horrible day. It started off bad first thing this morning. All the kids are tucked in bed now and I'm just plain exhausted. Physically and emotionally. Here's to a better Friday for both of us.

Karen Deborah said...

Two in a row. If i told you how weird my week has been you'd swear we were cousins.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I'm a former morning person myself.

Colleen said...

Get better, lady! and Micah. and corgi pup.

Trannyhead said...


I hope you're not sick!

Karen said...

Sorry about the rough day. I'm feeling queasy for you at this point. I don't deal well with the smell that comes with a sick stomach. We were on an airplane once the kid in front of us tossed his cookies. Oh....the smell.....that is until the airline attendant sprinkled coffee grounds on it. (took the smell away and soaked up the moisture.) I don't drink coffee, but I have coffee grounds. I need all the help I can get.

I hope you, Micah and the puppy are feeling better in the morning.

Michelle said...

oh my goodness what a day! I hope the pup and Micah are feeling better tomorrow!

Melissa said...

I don't know how you do it. Making sure everyone and everything gets managed!

You are my hero!

Andrea said...

He is too cute. I am sorry you had such a bad day. Maybe that guy will call you and take that puppy off your hands. Poor guy. Maybe after the third puke session it's all up.

HalfAsstic.com said...

I wish we could all just take a clue from that puppy in the picture! She looks very happy and satisfied!
I sincerely hope Micah is feeling better soon and it was just a momentary upset and not a nasty bug!
I will pray for you!

the planet of janet said...

oh good LORD, g/friend!!!!! what's up with all this?

peace and quiet and calm and loveliness ... that's what you need.

oh, and sleep.

mommaof4wife2r said...

our dogs must be related....same thing here today. right now, i hate the dog!!!!

Kimmy said...

I used to be a morning person too. Now I can't finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold!


Leanne said...

Yep, I used to be a morning person as well.


I hope you're all feeling better over there.

Flea said...

That sure is a cute dog, though. :)

Oliver ate a drywall screw when he wasn't quite two. Something like that would rip through and cause bleeding. But if it's stopped, that's good! Maybe what ever it was passed and is done!

Be well, Karen!

Caution Flag said...

I'm just really, really sorry, Karen! Really, really, really.

Burgh Baby said...

I guess at least you managed to survive the day, right?

Marmarbug said...

Oh my god. What a dAY! You need a vacation ro something!!! I hope you aren't getting sick!

JennyH said...

I think we all have crazy days. At least I know I do! I hope the weekend goes better for you, the dog is OK, and Mich is feeling better.

I have to say hot dog barf is the WORST!! Sam once puke all over me (hot dogs and chocolate milk!!) as we were walking into Max's ENT appointment and I was preggo with Joe. OH my- I just about puked myself. It was the grosses thing. I told the ENT he probably didn't want to come to close to me. I am sure I smelled real nice!

imbeingheldhostage said...

oh Karen. I am sorry-- when it rains it pours. If I were closer, I'd come take over while you sat in the bath uninterrupted (poo, vomit and all).

I'm curious, have you ever thought of buying that vet's place?

Debbie Yost said...

I had a daycare kid puke up peaches once. It was so disgusting. Not to mention this was right after I'd opened and all 5 kids I had in care had gotten this stupid virus and she was the last. I so don't miss the daycare!

Hope Micah is feeling better soon and no one else gets sick!