Random Is Such a Subjective Term

First of all, I want to thank my readers for their wonderful comments yesterday. Thanks. I didn't expect anything less of friends, but I am glad that nobody felt the need to get into religious arguments. One thing that we all agree on; our children are our children no matter what, and our love for them will never change. I love that.

I'm sure that one or four of you may have noticed that I haven't been reading blogs lately. You'll kindly remember that I was at camp last week and forgive me, right? I had to mark all as read and start fresh. I get overwhelmed quickly when the number of unread is in the several hundreds. While I had small pieces of free time at camp, they had no internet service. I know. I tried one day. Why yes, I did take my laptop to camp with me, why do you ask?

Oh, camp? It was awesome. I'm signing up next year. My aunt was the chef and she's an incredible cook. To quote Becky, "even the yucky food was good." And she's absolutely right. It's a good thing it was a quarter mile walk from the cabins to the chow hall because I needed that to counterbalance the weight I surely would have packed on. No, I'm not kidding. It really was a quarter mile. I walked a LOT last week. I was actually shocked that my thighs didn't shrink. There was a day or two that my legs took matters into their own hands and seized up when I sat down for dinner. I am out of shape. Can you imagine how hard it would have been if I hadn't been doing an hour on the treadmill at home? I think I'd be lying in the weeds along the path somewhere between Bible Bay and Craft Cabin.

This is the last week of summer. The ironic part is that summer just arrived. The temps have finally gotten above the 70's and we're sweaty and smelly and very hot. (Lovely visual, no?) Next week is the fair and then school starts. Because it's the last week of summer, I'm doing all the things that should have been done and weren't. Like finishing the pond, and the stone walkway, and bricking under the grill, and creating yet another garden (because eight aren't nearly enough) and planting shrubs (I know this is a bad time of year to plant them, but we have our reasons). How lovely that it's ninety degrees for all this heavy digging and lifting. I was desperate enough to don a swim suit and sit in the kids wading pool today. Because you don't really know, that is a level of desperation that I reach about every three years.

On a side note, one probably should not do heavy gardening while wearing a swim top. The dirt I found under my boobs could have grown it's own garden. It was really gross. My shower needs cleaned now.

The kids got coupons from the school to go bowling over summer. They did last summer, and summer was over and gone and they expired. I had grand plans to not do that this year. We went bowling today. Yeh, I almost missed the fun again. I'm a stellar mom like that. Turns out, they're not one-time use coupons like I thought. They're good for every single day from June 1 through August 31. Now we know, and maybe next year we'll get there before mid August. Becky has PT three days this week and I now plan to torture myself by taking all the kids with so that we can bowl afterward. Hush with the "bowling isn't good for a bum knee" comments. I'm the idiot that finishes off on her right leg; my daughter is a normal bowler and ends on her left so it's all good.

The kids made garden art for their very own garden today. I love it. I love their creativity, I love the fact that they worked together happily on a project, and I love the finished design. Someday I may have pictures to post, but for now just know that it truly is possible for siblings to get along when they have a common purpose. I had heard of that phenomenon, but so rarely experience it myself. You can bask in my glory if you need to.


Michelle said...

I want to hear more about this camp. How cool that the parents go, too!

And ummm yeah. The swim top. Bad imagery there ;)

Anonymous said...

Summer has flown by - and the cooler weather certainly hasn't helped! I am so glad everyone had so much fun at camp and hope that the next couple of weeks before school are FUN!

Becoming Mommy said...

The swim top? Sounds kind of like the rule I discovered, "Don't fry food wearing a bikini"

You know, things that should have been obvious but weren't.

The camp sounds like a lot of fun!

Trisha said...

That kids' garden art looks great. Just perfect for decorating the place.

Speaking of not reading and commenting on blogs - there are just days when it is overwhelming to me. Period. I don't think there is a blogger alive who doesn't understand. We love you no matter if you read our blogs or not!

Make sure to nurture yourself first!

Roger said...

That's pretty cool of the bowling alley to give away free bowling for every day of the summer. Is it only for one game? Still that probably takes about an hour, and it's good clean fun. I just wish I could play it more, but my Carpal Tunnel makes it a whole lot less fun.

I hate missing a day, or two, of not reading blogs from my reader and ALWAYS feel guilty when I mark them all as read. Alas, there is only so much time in a day.

It's amazing how fast the summer has gone by, heck even our newborn is 6 weeks old already - where the heck has the time gone?

BeautifulWreck said...

Cool idea with the sticks.

I forgive you on not reading my blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sticks look amazing...
Sounds like great camp...
Thanks for sharing...
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