The Best Birthday Gift EVER. Whoda Thunk?

So on Monday we were shopping and Josh said he needed new drawers. I told him to go get a pack, and then Micah had total meltdown over the fact that I put back Chicken Run and didn't let him purchase it. (Side note: who in the HECK thought Chicken Run was a good idea? I am on the farmer's side, and just want to push those hens into the pie machine.) Because Micah was having a moment, I got through check-out as quickly as I could and got the heck out of Dodge.

Since we left the store and headed to the drive-in to see Toy Story 3, it was late when we got home. The bag of goods was left in the van, which I unloaded the next day. The day that would happen to be Josh's birthday. So I figured that I'd mess with the boy and wrap that pack of underwears for one of his gifts. I'm the best mom like that.

So after dinner, when Josh morphed into a teen, I brought out the gifts. Because our kids live with Micah, not a whole lot phases them. It's a shame, really. The wrapped underwear that he chose himself in the store didn't even elicit a "geez, mom!" It was more like a "really? Is that all you've got?" look. 

But Micah took up the slack where Josh failed to be impressed. Those underwear were the bees knees as far as he was concerned. He confiscated the package and tried on a pair.  Shockingly, they kinda sorta fit. Methinks Josh got the wrong size, and I didn't think to check what with Micah having a moment in the store. And after Micah had them on I was loathe to return them.

Micah got underwear for Josh's birthday, and he is thrilled. He wore them all evening, and all the next day. And even wore them under his shorts to his speech appointment. The boy loves wearing other people's underwear. But I guess we already knew that.


Carol N. said...

Micah probably planned it all: "create a diversion, hurry the big brother up, frazzle the mom, and I get a new pair of undies. Yippee."

Teresa Dawn said...

Poor Josh haha. Way to swoop in and snatch up Josh's "gift" Micah :p

Burgh Baby said...

$10 says Micah planned that whole scheme.

Trisha said...

So . . . is Josh getting underwear for Micah's birthday too?

Beth Zimmerman said...

I continually threaten my kids with underwear and socks for Christmas and birthdays! :)