God Has Quite the Sense of Humor

We grew up on farms, both the husband and I. Being raised on a farm, there is an abundance of bounty to eat. Gardens grew any side dishes you wanted to serve up beside the meat the barns produced. And I had the advantage of being raised on a dairy farm, so whole and natural milk was also on our menu. I had no hormonal additives to my food until I went to school and was forced to drink milk from a carton. (UGH, the nasty taste difference. It was like drinking water, and that was whole milk!) And don't even get me started on the meat, or whatever those burger shaped patties were.

Needless to say, people like us have never understood vegetarianism. Meat is good. It's a natural part of life. But because of incredibly vocal ads by animal rights activitists telling us that our entire way of life (farming!) was more wrong than slavery (at least the plantation masters never ate their slaves) I have an incredible distaste for vegetarians. Nobody likes to be judged based on what they eat. If you want to eat a tofurkey, more power to you. I won't understand it, but it's your perogative. And please don't judge me because I enjoy a good steak. It's a two-way street.

We raised our kids exactly as you raised yours - in the footsteps of our own upbringing. We ate meat growing up, and our kids eat meat at the dinner table right beside us. It's the way life works.

Right up until your daughter says that meat is disgusting and she'd rather not eat it. While she does eat meat, her focus is on fruits and veggies. She has cut back drastically on her meat consumption over the past year. I forsee the day that she will be vegetarian, and I will hear God laughing heartily because of the meat-eating family Becky was saddled with.

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Trisha said...

Life does have a way of showing you God's sense of humor, doesn't it?

JennyH said...


I'm not a big meat eater myself. As a kid I didn't ever really eat it (even though my whole family did). It just kinda grosses me out. I do eat meat now but not nearly the amount I would say an average American does.

I don't judge people who love meat. Although my face my say something different!

So, what kind of milk to you drink now? I remember switching from whole milk to 2% as a kid... it was gross. Now, we drink skim. I think whole milk would be the one to gross me out now! HA!

Anonymous said...

I went through the exact same phase when I was Becky's age, and while my mother attributed it to me trying to independent, I can't help but wonder if there were teenage hormones involved in the whole thing for the simple fact that my preferences for meat have changed during and after each of my pregnancies. Regardless, someone is getting a good chuckle over her luck!