We'll Be Remembered. Fondly Is Subjective.

I'm telling you, no place is the same after Micah visits it. Princeton's finest hotel will forever remember him, that's for sure.

The boy walked up to the front lobby yesterday at check-in, his Toy Story rolling suitcase in tow and Woody in hand, and charmed the ladies with his, well, not rugged good looks. It would probably be more like his exuberance at being here. The boy if nothing if not exuberant.

As we headed out this morning, the ladies heard him coming from two hallways down. By the time he actually got to the lobby, they were already grinning in anticipation of his arrival.

We spent the entire day at Six Flags, but everyone knew when Micah returned. It really doesn't matter that the staff changes and Micah is all new to some of the employees. They know him the instant they hear him.

But it was the visual tonight that everyone in the hotel will always remembers.

Somehow, someway, Micah snuck a cup of water into the van after dinner. For every obvious reason, we don't allow drinks in the van. And one of the most obvious reasons happened within 7 seconds of Micah getting in. (That might be a slight exaggeration on the time. It was probably more like 5 seconds.) But the boy has sensory issues, and wet clothes are the worst for him. If an article of clothing gets wet, it has to come off. Immediately. And a lot of the time, he can't just stop there. When he starts to strip, he has to do the job right, and he won't stop until he's standing there in his birthday suit.

Daddy sat with Micah in the van while we ran in Walmart for supplies. Birthday suits are highly frowned upon in stores. Upon arriving back at the hotel, he was still in full birthday wear, and there was no way we were letting him streak the hallways. We do have standards. I made him put his boxer shorts and flip flops on.

The lobby ladies were shaking with laughter. They will never forget the loud, scantily dressed boy who visited them this week. Ever.


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JennyH said...

I just love Micah. Cute story!