The Broken Resolution Isn't My Fault

I am not big on resolutions, because I'm not so good at keeping them. I suspect that I'm like the majority of the rest of the nation in that respect. I mean, why else would the same people have the same resolutions year after year? If everyone lost weight that said they were going to lose weight, it wouldn't be a resolution the next year. Or maybe they do lose the weight, gain it, and resolve to lose it again, like a yo-yo of unhealthy proportions.

In that area, however, I am exercising and eating healthier. It's not a resolution, mind you. It's more of a goal. A goal is something you work toward, whereas a resolution is something you're just going to do instantly. At least that's the way I look at things.

But despite my resolve not to make a resolution, I did anyway. (I really do suck at keeping these things.) I have decided that I need more sleep. I'd be happier, healthier, and have more energy to get things done through the day if I got more sleep. This midnight stuff is for young people. I'm just not up to that anymore. It's taking it's toll.

I did really good at this, too. I'm all proud of myself, and have been waking up in the mornings feeling like I'm ready to face the day. It's a novelty - something I haven't felt in a decade. Or maybe it's been just the last 4 years or so since I started bottle feeding random litters of puppies. Feeding puppies is so much worse than being up in the night with babies, and I have experience on both fronts so I can make an honest comparison. I really don't know how long it's been since I woke up refreshed, but I like it, and I want more of it.

Two nights running I was asleep before 11PM. It was nice. And then I realized that, even though I am a big girl and can put myself to bed at a decent hour if I really want to, it doesnt' guarantee I'll wake in the morning well rested.

Last night, I randomly woke at 3AM, so I went to the restroom to be sure that didn't crop up as I tried going back to sleep. Just as I covered up again, I thought, "gee, it's cold in here. I better see if Micah has clothes on." So I walked down the hall to the boys' room, and while Micah did have his pajamas on, he was using his brother as a pillow. I pulled him off, gave him a real pillow, covered him up, and headed back to bed.

The outside dogs were barking. I laid there for a full 10 minutes wondering if it was anything serious. Dogs bark at night - it's what they do. But the one is expecting next week. What if my due dates were off and she's in labor? Are they trying to tell me she needs to be in the house? Would dogs do that? No, it's crazy, that's what it is. But the dogs were barking. What if she WAS in labor? Could I live with myself, knowing the puppies would freeze? Heck, no! I donned a robe and headed downstairs to take a peek out the patio door. No puppies. No labor. Just barking dogs.

I checked the thermostat, because I was cold. The temperature was down to 64 degrees. Well how awesome is that? Should I wake Sam to have him go make fire? (Um, NO. But at 4AM sometimes I have to think about things that are no brainers.) Under the covers, I was warm. But the ear that wasn't on the pillow was cold. I rearranged my hair, but it didnt' help.

I prayed for everything that came to mind. I wondered who didn't make fire last night to cause the house to get this cold. I planned my upcoming day. I patted myself on the back for the exercise and smart eating I did the day before. I wished I could sleep.

As I was almost drifting to Never Never Land, Micah joined us in bed. He lost his pajamas sometime between my 3AM check-up, and his 5:30AM bed hopping. Sam left for work and Micah and I fell asleep, 45 minutes before the alarm went off to be up for school.

I took a nap this morning after Micah got on the bus. Apparently getting more sleep isn't going to be as easy I thought it would be. And I have a dog expecting next week. (Never fear, people, she went to the groomer today to get her winter coat shaved off so she could acclimate to the house without stress. She's now living indoors and is heavily monitored.)

And this is why I don't make resolutions. They look for ways to sabotage themselves.

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Karen Deborah said...

goals yes I get that and I'm making some. I have a new dog a rescue. come by and read my last 2 post and tell me whatever you can think of!