Black Friday

When I hear the term Black Friday I envision stealthy Ninjas slipping in unnoticed between elbow-to-elbow shoppers, snagging all the best deals. And that, my friend, is why half the shoppers never get what they wanted.

I don't know when I joined the crowds that must go bag the bargain the day after Thanksgiving. Women are definitely hunters, and are just as dedicated as men after a trophy rack. (I'm talking about deer. What are you thinking?!) Nobody in their right mind would stand in line in freezing weather for hours in the dark waiting for a store to open. Except the husband who camps out at his favorite post in the woods.

Last year my husband went with me and it was the first year we went out early to be the first there. We seriously wanted certain things on our list and knew we couldn't dawdle around. We did get everything we wanted, and it wasn't as bad as I feared it could have been. But neither did we go to an electronics store. I'm not that dedicated.

Most years we simply wake up, eat breakfast, and head out. There's nothing we absolutely need to have, but can still get some serious bargains. This year was even worse. I'd promised my daughter her first Black Friday expedition and couldn't back down. I went to bed at 7:30 the night before because I was abnormally exhuasted. And I couldn't get warm. Then I woke up in a sweat two hours later. In the morning I had a sore back. I didn't want to risk eating breakfast because I felt queasy. I'm pretty sure it was a mild case of the flu, but it could have been the Szechuan Barbecue Pringles that I had the day before.

But it was Black Friday, and we headed out. The whole family. Sam took the boys to Home Depot while my daughter and I shopped the mall. Holy Shopping Nightmare, it was crowded! (DUH, but remember I'm suffering from the Szechuan flu.) I made a return and left the mall $4.50 richer than I went. THAT is the best Black Friday shopping I've ever done!


Melissa said...

When I hear the term Black Friday I envision stealthy Ninjas slipping in unnoticed between elbow-to-elbow shoppers, snagging all the best deals.

LOL! When I think of Black Friday I think of people stage diving for $12 tacky comforters. Or people yelling at old grandmas 'if they don't know how to shop they should have stayed home.'

I didn't shop this year but I sent the hubby. I love the fact you went shopping and came home with more money then when you left. That's real talent.

Kellan said...

"Holy shopping nightmare" - you are so funny! I went too - CRAZY! Good post - see ya. Kellan

Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow. That is good shopping. I think our Black Friday equivalent in the Uk is probably Boxing Day as that's when a lot of the sales start, but it's also when everyone is returning all their unwanted Christmas stuff. Ungrateful gits. ;) Hee hee.

FarmHouse Style said...

You are a brave girl...I did it once and that was enough for me!

I'm more the Cyber Monday type.


Cecily R said...

I want to go with you next year! I serioulsy laugh and laugh at people. THis year was so calm though...I was a little sad about that. I love to see people dive bomb for a few dollars worth of savings. It makes my week.

You are so SO brave to bring the whole fam. Jon wouldn't be caught DEAD at a Black Friday sale.

And you are SOOOO right. A great deal is just like a prized buck. :)

Leanne said...

I didn't go this year, and I can't say I really missed it.

I used to LOVE to get up and hit the sales when we lived in NJ though. I'd get up and be home by 9 am to have breakfast with the kids. It was an experience!

I never came home with more $ then I left with though...that's a talent. Very Impressive!

Karen said...

Cecily - Sam enjoys shopping that day almost as much as I do. And for both of us it's more about saying we were there. The traffic at the mall drives him insane and the crowd inside bothers me. We usually end up at Bed Bath and Beyond where the crowds are minimal.

Madame Queen said...

Did you take that t-shirt back again??

I have never done, and frankly don't ever foresee, doing Black Friday. I'm not sure there's a bargain out there that's worth the hassle. Maybe when my kids are older and harping for more expensive toys I'll think it's worth it. But we'll see.

Karen said...

Madame Queen - I didn't take the shirt back. It was another return. You'll never believe this. I've got an update on that thing. I was never charged for it on the original receipt. That's why the cashier couldn't find it. I know I had the correct receipt, and counted every item. It just wasn't there. They paid me the price of one shirt to take it twice.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You really were meant to have that shirt! I hope it's in a size and color that is at least somewhat useful, 'cuz you're totally stuck with it.

Karen said...

BB's Mom - I think I'll give it to my nephew for Christmas. Is that wrong to give something that I got for free? Is that like regifting?

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

It's not regifting if it wasn't "gifted" to you in the first place. Technicality? Yes. Would I do it? Absolutely.