This Week's Business

Pam at Random Thoughts awarded her readers with the True Blue Award. I'm a reader, so I snagged it. But the biggest reason that I love to get awards is to be able to have them to give out to my wonderful bloggy readers. I appreciate every single one of you!

I'm dispensing this one to any blogger who's blog name begins with letters A through L. I know, it's a little on the cheating side, but really I do appreciate you.

Irene at Our Little Piece of the World gave me the kind blogger award. Thanks, Irene! It means a lot coming from someone as kind as you.

And I am going to give this one to those readers whose blogs start with the letters M through Z. That way all my wonderful readers get an award, and I didn't have to pick and choose. I love giving things away!

Pam also tagged me with this meme.

(1) You must post the rules on your blog before you answer the questions.
(2) You need to list one fact about yourself using each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name use your maiden name instead.
(3) When you are finished with your answers, you tag one person for each letter of your name.

S - silly. Sweet. Rarely sexy. Usually strange.
U - underappreciated. At least by my kids at meal time.
Z - zany. It's way better than zitty. I'm mostly over that.
A - articulate. Yeh, I'm a woman.
N - nice. Most of the time.
N - nuts. Maybe naughty, too. But only my husband would know that. ;)
E - enthusiastic. When I get an idea I run with it.

And I have to tag 7 people with this?! How about Becky at Adventures of Mommyhood, CaraMama, Deanne from Fragile Flower, Jessica at One Swift Click, Shellie at Little But Loud, Miss Sniz, and Madame Queen.

Middle names are fun, and I'd love to see how you people describe yourselves. I'll be checking in!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

The alphabet trick? Genius. Cheating, but genius. Congrats and thanks!

Flea said...

Cooooool. Usually strange, huh? Never would have guessed. ;)

Andrea said...

I think all mom's are unappreciated! I think it goes with the teritory. Some how I don't think it's very fair! :)

Andrea said...

I think all mom's are unappreciated! I think it goes with the teritory. Some how I don't think it's very fair! :)

Andrea said...

I think all mom's are unappreciated! I think it goes with the teritory. Some how I don't think it's very fair! :)

Pam said...

Oh I am SO going to steal the alphabet trick! I love it- genius! you are a genius! Thanks for playing along with the middle name meme. I love reading these things and finding out more about my bloggy buds!

caramama said...

Why thank you for my award! And for tagging me for the meme. You know, I apparently love memes!

This one however... I actually have two middle names (I made my maiden name a second middle name when I married), which would be 11 letters and 11 people to tag. That's just not gonna happen.

But I'll happily do my first middle name! (Which will have to include a bit of a confession.) :-)

Oh, and I totally loved your facts about yourself!

Melissa said...

I loved your middle name meme. I'm thankful my middle name wasn't as long as yours was...though you came up with some really good stuff!

jessica said...

great adjectives. i always like to read your posts. and, thanks for the tag. i think!

caramama's got two middle names, and i have 1 three-letter middle name :) hopefully it will be fairly painless.

Deb in OPKS said...

Clever! I always hating having to pick someone to give awards to. I think everyone deserves them and hate leaving anyone out! Great idea.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to split the awards so fairly. That's the hardest part about getting them!

Congrats to you. And, I like your middle name.

Sniz said...

I've done this meme before. Is it OK if I repost it? Loved yours, BTW!

Bia said...

Hey, I just got tagged with this meme, too, and posted it tonight!

Have a great week!

Kellan said...

Congrats on the awards Karen - you certainly deserve them! Kellan

Shellie said...

Oh, goodie, this should be fun.