The Answer Was #9

This was an incredibly busy week. (That may qualify to be the understatement of the year.) I was either in the sewing room or in the van, and Micah alternated between being neglected or being drug from here to there right along with me. He has been a trooper all week, growing more and more exhausted as the days drag on, trying to keep his emotions in check and sometimes failing miserably. I understand how he feels, and am amazed at how grown-up he's been in the chaos and frustration. I cranked up the Patience Level, knowing that we'd both benefit.

We were in the van yet again, running from here to there, and it was the 3rd trip into town that day. Micah was tired. He wanted *that* CD put in the player. He wanted *that* song played on the CD. (And this is why we bought him an iPod Touch. His own music, FTW.) But sometimes it's not worth the fight, and sometimes one has to compromise to keep the peace. I was only too glad to put in his music and forward to the song that he chose.

Not that one, he let me know. Nor that. Keep going, he pointed yet again. His frustration was rising because I just wasnt' getting it right. That lack of speech thing sometimes gets in the way of communication. I tried again. And again. He pointed, and shook his finger at me, and made a very real effort to roll his eyes at me.

And then I found The Song. Micah pulled his feet up on his car seat, and covered his mouth with his hands, and grinned from ear to ear as he squealed. And then he laughed. He didn't just giggle. He didn't limit things to a satisfied chuckle. He laughed. Loudly. From way deep inside. The joy of a simple song, of communication, was enough to completely make his day.

The things I learn from my son in the midst of chaos are the best lessons ever. It's the simple things that make us happiest, if only we take the time to recognize them.


Karen Deborah said...

love this.

Trisha said...

The boy knows what he likes! What is the song, by the way - did I miss that in a previous post somewhere?