Happy Little Golfers

With the break in the rain yesterday, I took the boys mini golfing. We're desperately trying to get our summer on despite the fact that summer isn't wearing all that well. Plus the boys had coupons for a free round of golf that expired today, so yesterday looked like the perfect day to use those.

Micah has no qualms at all about cheating. He doesn't even care about prospering, so that old line isn't going to phase him in the least. His goal is to get the ball in the hole, and he doesn't stop until he does, whether that takes 10 strokes or whether it's anyone else's turn. He's a focused individual. His idea of competition is trying to be the first to tee off.

I also learned that he golfs right handed. While he's truly ambidextrous, he chose his left as his preferred when the school made him pick one for writing. Maybe someone should teach him to golf left handed. I wonder if that would help his game? Although his game isn't too incredibly bad, all things considered.

There was the super fun hole where a narrow bridge went across the stream. The bridge didn't have sides on it. You can imagine the fun of this shot. Micah is a thinker, so he gently pushed his ball right up to the edge of the bridge with his putter, then picked up the ball and bowled it across. HE WINS! I gave him full points for creativity.

We were going to go to a drive-in movie this evening as another summer event to cross off our bucket list, but the rain came back. It's just not a good experience to watch a movie through a fogging window and windshield wipers. There's always the year 2028 for summer activities. The rain should be done by then, right?

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Cindy said...

I love the bowling aspect of golf! Very clever!

If you're looking for your summer, I think we have it out here in the Pacific Northwest. Yours and everyone elses. Seattle is having a heat wave that has lasted for weeks and there's no end in sight!