Feed The Obsession

I love tote bags. A lot. I have a tote bag obsession that I'm mostly working on trying to curb. It became evident that I had too many tote bags when I found myself using tote bags to store my tote bags. Being aware of a problem is the first step in correcting it. I'm now aware. And I'm working hard on not buying every tote bag that I fall in love with at first sight.

Which is why it was such a fortuitous turn of events when I was offered a free tote bag. See how this is a help? I'm not buying one, so I'm not feeding into my obsession. Right? Just agree with me. I know I'm right.

Tote Tails offered me a bag, as well as an opportunity to guest blog on their site, and of course I jumped all over that. Can I tell you how fun it is to purchase a bag from these people? You create the thing from scratch, basically. I mean, kind of. They give you the blank off-white canvas, and you choose what you want on it. With a name like Tote Tails, they specialize in pets, of course. I chose a french bulldog from the catalog of dog breeds (duh) but they have rabbits and cats and horses and all sorts of other things. And if you have a unique dog that gets to boast multiple breeds in it's heritage, you can upload a photo of it and they'll make a silhouette of your dog so that you can customize your own bag. Imagine getting a bag with a duck on it, or your iguana. Or a pet llama. The possibilities are endless!

But that's not all. You get free personalization with every bag that you purchase. And there's kind of no limit to what you can get on that bag. I put Louie, The French Dog on mine, because he's a thing. The placement of the wording is just as personal as the actual wording itself. These people are super easy to work with, and are very good at following directions to customize things to suit everyone.

I love my tote bag. A lot.

Louie thinks it's his. Louie would be wrong. Kind of. OKAY, FINE. It's his bag.
Now that I've talked all about how amazing this tote bag is, you want one for yourself, don't you? I have good news! You can win one! Not only was I given a tote bag to personalize for myself and offered a chance to guest blog on their site, but Tote Tails is allowing me to give away one bag to a lucky reader! (Now you're excited to add to your tote bag collection, too, aren't you?) (It's okay to admit that.)

How can you win one, you ask? Just leave a comment here, so that I have record of who is entered, and a way to contact you. THAT'S ITS. It's really that easy. Except, could you share this with your friends, too, so that they can hear all about Tote Tails? Thanks!


Jeannea Glessner said...

You are awesome!

Sara P. said...

I'd love a chance to win. (BTW, really enjoy hearing about the adventures of Louis, et. al!)

Cindy said...

That's fantastic! His movie-star-like pose, epic!!

Kris Hurford said...

How neat!! I also love tote bags.

Sara Goforth said...

I love Louie!